About Us

We have 14+ Years of Experience.

Greetings from Smart Fitness. In the first floor of Brahmsthan, Akash Bajaj Agency, Sahadatpura-Mau, we are located in a highly desirable area. The nicest thing about us is that we're open whenever our members need us, making us the first 24-hour fitness facility. A master trainer with more than ten years of experience and skill in health and fitness is running the gym. Anyone may walk in and sign up for our gym because we always have the best membership deals running.

Smart Fitness offers the following services at our gym:

Scientific workout – The scientific workout is a high-intensity activity that improves overall body fitness. This type of workout is beneficial to one's health. This workout focuses on muscular control throughout all major muscle groups. This workout is quite effective.

 Nutrition counseling – Nutrition is crucial in everyday life, but it becomes the most important thing to do when working. We have qualified nutritional counselors at Key Gym who help customers reach their health goals in a timely and beneficial manner. Improper nutrition frequently results in disease, illness, and deterioration of health, all of which are harmful to the healthy human body. Nutrition counseling boosts energy and promotes a healthy lifestyle, which aids in proper sleep. A healthy individual will always be joyful and free of ailments such as depression, which affects people of all ages.

Cardio zone – We offer a specific cardio zone at Smart Fitness to help build solid lungs and hearts. Cardio exercise improves blood circulation and promotes healthy, beautiful skin.

Strengths and Free Weights – This activity helps tone your body's muscles: strengths and free weights aid in building muscle on your weakest side. Free weights assist the body gain better control and balance.

CrossFit – The CrossFit segment at our Brahmsthan gym, Akash Bajaj Agency, Sahadatpura-Mau, assists you in developing a healthy lifestyle. This portion of the gym promotes the body's flexibility, agility, and balance.

Weight training – Weight training is a common type of strength training. In weight training, special equipment is used to target specific muscle groups and their movement in the body. If done with proper training, this helps in bringing your body to shape




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